Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Town

It is really high maintenance to have a baby, everything else takes a back seat to baby and lately that's a lot of stuff. Emaline care, my husband and my relationship, house maintenance, all of it has to wait most of the time. Hannah is much more needy when she's teething which is a big part of it, but even when she's easy it takes a lot of time to care for a baby. I need to remember this when I'm trying to figure out why things are so hard these days, why getting anything done is truly an uphill battle. We are in baby-ville, the Brown family. We are not in preschooler land like some of my other friends with one child/older children, we have a baby too. So I won't be heading out for as many fun things as them, nights out, or outings with Emaline. I won't be getting involved in extra projects, volunteering my time, dressing well, or even appearing like I have it all together. Or even mostly together. This is what having a baby is like! It's hard to remember sometimes.

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